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Excellence Award

sakanaction "arukuaround"

SEKI Kazuaki

Music video [Japan]

The camera follows the walking figure of YAMAGUCHI Ichiro, the vocalist of the Japanese rock band sakanaction.
The typographic objects that appear ahead of him are in fact lyrics that he songs. His walking speed is exquisitely synchronized with the tempo of appearance of the lyrics expressed as art objects. The display of lyrics in a spatial manner using expressive analog methods represents the realm of songs where one can explore him / herself by repeatedly analyzing and restructuring the lyrics.
(4 min. 47 sec.)

© Victor Entertainment, Inc . HIP LAND MUSIC CORPORATION


SEKI Kazuaki


Born in 1976, Nagano Prefecture. Film director, art director, cameraman.

( 2015 )

Award Reason

Dazzling handmade visual images competing with music
This music video is created using the "one scene, one cut" technique, without employing the means of computer graphics or montage.
The camera simply shooting a vocalist who is walking through the objects and various traps while singing a song. The letters of the song's lyrics are scat tered and displayed like art objects. They are artfully aligned to make the lyrics readable from a certain point.
Then, the lyrics synchronized with the music on a flip book animation but the letters come out sooner and drop into an aquarium. The artist has succeeded to produce a miraculous moment from numerous shootings by applying sensitive adjustments of devices and carrying out filming rehearsals to the utmost limit. The overall impression is that the filming staff members are engaged in a visual live session. Music and visual images, the two elements compete with each other to have a leading position in this work. The jury members see the future of music videos in its thrilling "dead heat."

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