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Excellence Award

Tabio Slide Show

KODAMA Yuichi / TANAKA Koichiro / MODEKI Ryuta / SAKO Minoru

Web [Japan]

A promotional website of Tabio, a sock and tights specialty store, brings back the "fun of sliding in socks" that almost everyone has experienced at least once. Girls wearing various kinds of socks slide pleasantly on the floor all over the house. To continue the story, users "slide" the information from the sock catalogue that occasionally appear in the movie. Images, music and interaction are brought together into a movie catalogue that delivers a new sensation to the user.

© Tabio Corporation & Projector Inc.




Born in 1975. He graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science of Tohoku University. He started producing visual images in Sendai while he was still attending Tohoku University. He became an independent artist after graduating from university and working at an ad agency. He has since produced a number of TV spots, MVs, and more. He has been a member of CAVIAR since 2006. The major awards he has won include the CannesLions, the CLIO Awards and the One Show Interactive, among others.

( 2010 )

TANAKA Koichiro


Creative Director. Representative, Projector.

( 2011 )


( 2010 )

SAKO Minoru

( 2010 )

Award Reason

A union of inspiration and interactivity—An ideal model for advertising
Promotion and Branding; Advertisement and Entertainment; Inspiration and Interactivity. Creators of advertisements are constantly trying to merge these issues at a high level of quality, but the path to achieving success in doing so is steep and arduous. This work, however, reaches this goal with such ease, in a miraculously balanced way.
This online product catalogue offers such functional ease in comparing products, that it effectively stimulates consumer appetite.
What is most attractive is the fact that the drive behind this consumer appetite is the "feeling of joy" that is generated by the simple act of turning the pages. For both the company and customers, there is nothing more marvelous than that.
It is also remarkable that every aspect of this piece, including movie direction, styling, models, music, and interactive design, is beautifully developed and delivered.

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