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Nike Music Shoe

ITO Naoki / Frank HAHN

Video work

Under the tagline of “Free Like Feet Want to Be,” this is a promotion for Nike Free Run+, for which a campaign has been launched to communicate the astonishing pliancy of these shoes. To bring the flexibility of the shoes together with the musicality that is the key image of Nike+, the company worked with RHIZOMATIKS to develop Nike Music Shoe, a shoe with parts that actually play music, performed by HIFANA. (2 min. 55 sec.)



ITO Naoki


ITO was born in Shizuoka, 1971. He is constantly expanding his field of work, which includes campaign strategies that utilize all kinds of media, such as TV advertisements, catch copies, art direction, interactive, PR, and others. LOVE DISTANCE which was a campaign for Sagami Rubber Industries Co., Ltd won a Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in 2009. It had been 13 years since somebody Japanese had last won the prize

( 2009 )

Frank HAHN

( 2010 )

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