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The website of the Wonderwall interior design office that is presided over by interior designer KATAYAMA Masamichi. A grid-like wall moves interactively in response to the movements of the user's mouse. The wall itself serves as an index of the projects that the company has worked on, with the details available for browsing at the click of a mouse. The configuration of the wall changes gradually according to the browsing history.

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Born in Nara Prefecture in 1970, web designer, inter face designer and motion media director NAKAMURA graduated from the University of Tokyo School of Engineering. At present he is a visiting scholar at Tama Art University. After launching a career in interactive design in 1998, NAKAMURA opened his design studio tha ltd. In 2004. Since then he has been active on numerous projects in a wide range of areas encompassing art direction, design, and programming for websites and motion media. Current client work includes UNIQLO web direction, KDDI iida brand website and commercial video direction, and direction of an NHK educational program, design A. Awards include the Grand Prix of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the Grand Prize of the Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards, the TDC Grand Prix, and the Mainichi Design Award.

( 2013 )

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