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e-Sports Ground

INUKAI Hiroshi

Electric play equipment

A platform created especially for e-Sports. With games allowing players to play intuitively using their actual bodies such as Wii enjoying great popularity. e-Sports Ground makes use of a virtual stage measuring approximately 3 x 3 meters in area. This game clearly sets out the sports-related aspects of video games, and the role of computers as a community tooI. It was developed through a cooperative enterprise between human resources from the two domains of video games and sports.



INUKAI Hiroshi


Born in Aichi in 1970. An eSports producer and video game director. He focuses on video games and sports as tools for creating connections and fun, and is involved in creating work that fuses sports and IT, as well as tournament management. He advocates "spacemanship" as contemporary sportsmanship and is researching next-generation forms of "play" that involve artificial intelligence.

( 2013 )

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