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Video work

A promotional movie created for a piece, recorder, from TELESCOPE, a self-created music album. A scientist is stationed on another planet where he conducts research by himself. Every day, he sends the results of his research back to the earth, until one day, the paths of communication with the earth are disrupted… The set voice of the scientist left stranded on the communication equipment form the refrain of the piece, and images of his memories of his life flashing in front of him are played out in the film (6 min. 12 sec.)

©OKAMOTO Noriaki / mu-nest




Born in 1983, Osaka. While studying at the Department of Graphic Design, Tama Art University, he worked mainly in the audio and visual fields. After graduating from the university, he got a position at a CM production company. Freelance audio & visual creator from January 2009.

( 2008 )

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