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SAKAMOTO Shin'ichi / Based on the novel by Jiro Nitta

Story manga [Japan]

KOKO NO HITO (A solitary, proud man), the landmark novel with a focus on mountain climbing, is now brought back to life in the current setting. A solitary young man MORI Buntaro starts to climb mountains, and in search of the feeling of "alive" to be achieved in an extreme mountain climbing experience, decides to reach the East Wall of K2, an ice wall that has never been conquered by humankind.
Although Buntaro encounters many difficulties both in his everyday life and in the mountains, he advances step by step toward his goal.

© Sakamoto Shin'ichi / Based on the novel 'KOKO NO HITO' by Jiro Nitta. / SHUEISHA inc.


SAKAMOTO Shin-ichi


Born in Osaka, 1972. He won The 70th H☆S Award with KEATH!! on Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha) in 1990, and made his debut with the said work in 1991. He published Niragi Kioumaru and Masuraou on Weekly Young Jump. KOKO NO HITO has been serialized since November 2007. He has won the hearts of many readers as one of the best artists in the young adult comic industry, depicting his works to the finest details.

( 2010 )

Award Reason

The beauty and the danger and the visceral reality of the wilderness tell us what it means to really be "alive"
This would be the first manga ever to offer such stunning portrayals of the perils of mountain climbing. The readers will experience the ferocity of the mountains and the thrill of climbing while the artist leads us through the internal psychological drama of its characters and the majestic scenery. Our main character is a loner. He has cut his ties with other people, and left with no purpose in life, circumstances lead him to take on a dangerous challenge in mountain climbing.
It is in the face of death that he grasps for the first time what it really means to be "alive." This awakens him and he delves into the world of climbing. The artist's uncompromising commitment to reality can also be seen in the landscape, and in joining the main character, the reader is pulled into the uncharted world of the mountains.
In climbing, one wrong step could cost you your life. For all the beautiful scenery it offers, it is a fierce sport that will take its toll on the climber's body. In this masterpiece we will peer into the soul of one climber who has finally found the joy of life climbing these mountains.

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