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Aoi Honoo


Story manga [Japan]

Aoi Honoo (Pale flames). The story takes place in the early 1980s when a new movement was about to develop in the world of manga / animation. HONOO Moyuru, a first year student of a university of fine arts in Osaka lives his life with a strong passion and ambition to become a manga artist. Moyuru has an ungrounded confidence in his talent, but he is also interested in the animation industry and is trying to steer his course in life. The story unfolds of a passionate art college student writhing in agony as he treads the path of manga.

©Kazuhiko Shimamoto / Shogakukan




Born in Hokkaido Prefecture. Manga artist. He made his debut with Hissatsu no tenkosei while studying at Osaka University of Arts. Major works include Honou no tenkosei, Nine in Adversity, and Hoero Pen. Aoi honoo was adapted into a TV drama written and directed by FUKUDA Yuichi in 2014, attracting much attention.

( 2014 )

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