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Richard WOO(Script) / SUGIMURA Shinichi(Artist)

Story manga [Japan]

There are roughly 150,000 illegal immigrants and illegal foreign workers in Tokyo. Those aliens have established a shady Metropolitan Government of the aliens, by the aliens, for the aliens. Public institutions such as government offices, courts, tax offices and hospitals exist within the shady government. KUBOZUKA Saki is the only police officer officially approved by the shady Metropolitan Government. This is a story of a mysterious man who protects and sometimes punishes aliens who can only live in the shady world. Today KUBOZUKA is again daring to and in the alien city of Tokyo.

©Richard WOO / SUGIMURA Shinichi / Kodansha


Richard WOO

( 2010 )



Born in Hokkaido in 1966. Made his debut in Young Magazine and won the 14th Chiba Tetsuya Award. His manga Samu-rider, Migi Muke Hidari! (Right, Face Left!), Hotel California and Tokyo Pu were serialized in Young Magazine. His manga Chou - Gakkouhoujin Star Gakuen is now in serialization.*

( 1999 )

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