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Hoshigahara Aomanjuu no Mori


Story manga [Japan]

Hoshigahara Aomanjuu no Mori (Ao-manjuu Forest in Hoshigahara). There used to be a breezy forest, which kids called “a ghost forest,” in Hoshigahara. A house stood there, with various cute fairies and a young man named Soichi enjoying a serene life. Several souls with bitter feelings huddle together in a mysterious forest. A story is unfolded in the intersect on between loss and revitalization and between sorrow and tenderness.

©IWAOKA Hisae / The Asahi Shimbun Company




Made her debut in 2002 with Yume no Soko, which won the Honorable Mention Prize in the Kodansha Afternoon Four Seasons Award. In 2005, her Saturn Apartments manga began to be serialized in the monthly magazine Ikki. At present, her Hoshigahara Aomanjuu no Mori manga is being serialized in Nemuki, which is published by Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc. Her major works include SHIROIKUMO and Yume no Soko, both of which were chosen for the Jury Selection at the 9th and 10th Japan Media Arts Festival respectively.

( 2011 )

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