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Otoko no Isshou


Story manga [Japan]

Otoko no lsshou (HOW a man and a woman share a life). DOZONO Tsugumi is a single vvoman in her 30s who works for a major electronics company. Somehow she ends upliving, with a professor in his 50s, KAIEDA Jun, in the house of her late grandmother. KAIEDA wants to marry her, but she is not able to accept his feelings gratefully. As they are caught in a touchy relationship, Tsugumi receives an unexpected e-mail from herex-boyfriend, NAKAGAWA, and the situation develops rapidly. They are also hit by a great earthquake, and their love is put to the test.

©Nishi Keiko / Shogakukan




Born on December 26 in Kagoshima Prefecture. Her debut as a manga-ka was in the March 1988 volume of Shogakukan's Petit Flower with a story entitled Matteiru yo (I'm Waiting). Some of her most well-known works are the STAY series (2002-06), Denpa no hito yo (Radio Wave Man) (2007), Otoko no issho (A Man's Lifetime) (2008-12), and Ane no kekkon (My Big Sister's Wedding) (2010-14). Otoko no issho was a Jury Selection at the 14th Japan Media Arts Festival in 2010. In addition to writing and drawing manga, she also illustrates novels. In 2006, STAY - Aa kotoshi no natsu mo nanimo nakatta wa (Stay - Ahh, Nothing's Happening This Summer Either) was made into a live-action movie directed by FURUTA Wataru, and HIROKI Ryuichi directed a live-action movie of Otoko no issho in 2015. Currently she has series running in several magazines, including Hatsukoi no sekai (The World of First Love) in Monthly Flowers and Ta-tan (Ta-tan) in Big Comic Original.

( 2010 )

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