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Love Games


Animated short film [South Korea]

I remember the games I played when I was young. We were happy playing together, but, looking back, I realize I used the games to satisfy my own desires. It was a child’s selfcentered behavior. But adult lovers, too, display immature sides in their relationships. Consumed by self-love, they act like children. I have tried to illustrate this kind of love through the metaphor of children’s games.
(15 min. 10 sec.)

Producer and Co-editor: KIM Kihyun | Creative director: LEE Dongsub | Typographer: LEE Gawon | Sound designer: SONG Youngho
©Joung Yumi & CulturePlatform Co., Ltd.



South Korea

JOUNG Yumi was born in Korea in 1981, and is currently studying Fine Arts at the Korea National University of Arts (2012-).

( 2012 )

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