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Haisuinonasa"Dynamics of the Subway"


Music video [Japan]

This music video was made for the song “Dynamics of the Subway,” which is included in Hasuinonasa’s first album Body of the Animal (released on the Zankyo Records label). The animated work, made up of geometrical shapes that correspond to the movement and texture of each sound made by the musical instruments, gives shape both to the subway and to the composition.
(4 min. 22 sec.)

© ONISHI Keita




Born in 1980 in Kanagawa Prefecture; completed a graduate course at Tokyo University of the Arts. Producing installations that center on music-based video expression, ONISHI's works include Art & Music: Search for New Synesthesia (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2012). He is involved in a diverse range of work, serving as video director for the opera L'incoronazione di Poppea (New National Theatre Tokyo, 2009) as well as the music video for Hasuinonasa's "Dynamics of the Subway" (2011).

( 2012 )

Award Reason

First one’s eyes are drawn to the original manner in which sounds and movements are visually associated one-to-one. Then, as these elements gradually evolve into music and imagery, one can only gaze on in wonder. The fusion of visual and aural experience is so complete that one can no longer tell whether music is being visualized, or imagery auralized. To describe this work as images set to music wrongly implies a servant-master relationship, when in fact the two elements enjoy a perfect correspondence. The thoroughgoing character of the work’s precision brings the novel sensibilities of its creator into bold relief.

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