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  • Photo: Wataru Umehara

Jury Selections

Chiba Institute of Technology Tokyo Skytree Town(R) Campus Exhibition

OGATA Hisato

Interactive floor show [Japan]

This interactive exhibition presents the results of research by the Chiba Institute of Technology, which is located in a commercial complex adjacent to Tokyo SkyTree. Combining robot demonstrations with blueprint data, or the latest research on planetary exploration with media ar t, the site, which opened on May 22, 2012, of fers visitors a unique experience. In its first six months the exhibition has attracted some 130,000 people.

©Chiba Institute of Technology


OGATA Hisato


OGATA Hisato was born in 1977 in Kumamoto Prefecture. He is a design engineer who joined the design engineering firm takram in 2012.

( 2012 )

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