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  • Photo: NHK / NHK EDUCATIONAL, 2012

Jury Selections

New creatures (living in your house)


Video work [Japan]

This work was broadcast as a segment of PythagoraSwitch, an educational program on NHK’s ETV channel. In addition to showing young viewers how fun it can be to liken everyday objects to living things, the series explores completely new animation territory by showing how each object’s distinctive qualities are integrated into a unique “ecology.”
(9 min. 19 sec.)

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)




EUPHRATES, a creative group involved in a variety of "research" projects, was formed in 2005 by graduates of the SATO Masahiko Laboratory at Keio University. Among the group's recent activities is directing the NHK program ETV 2355-0655.

( 2012 )

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