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ABE Shuya

Engineer / Artist

Born 1932 in Miyagi Prefecture. After his graduat ion from Tohoku University majoring in physics and communication engineering, he began to work as a member of the technical division of TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television). In 1963 at a café in Akihabara, he was introduced to Nam June PAIK by UCHIDA Hideo (known for the invention of the transistor among other things). Thereafter, from 1969, he provided technical support in the creation of PAIK's works, including Robot K-456, Participation TV and Paik-Abe Video Synthesizer. After leaving TBS in 1970, he was appointed as a lecturer at CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) for two years. In 1971, he received a scholarship from the JDR 3rd Foundation. Afterwards, in autumn 1972, he began work with IMAGICA Corporation, where he was mainly in charge of the development of electronics related to photos, films and videos. After his retirement in January 1992, he served as a lecturer at Musashino Art University for three years. During PAIK's lifetime and since his death, ABE has been responsible for the maintenance and development of PAIK's works, especially those created in the 1960s and 1970s.

Award Reason

The encounter of ABE and Nam June PAIK, dating back to the early 1960s, was a genuine collaboration between a media artist and an engineer, one which unfolded, from an international perspective, at an extremely early point in time. Thereafter, ABE collaborated with PAIK for the remainder of PAIK's lifetime. Without ABE's support, the developmentof PAIK's works would not have been possible. He supported the artist's work not only technically, but through communication as an equal, he gained a deep understanding of PAIK's ideas and concepts. As a result, and always with a highly sincere attitude, they together opened up new horizons for expression. ABE was a collaborator in PAIK's works in the truest sense, and in this represents a very rare type of personality in the fields of engineering and art. (GOGOTA Hisanori)

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