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Representative of COMITIA Organizational Committee

Born in Tokyo in 1961. Graduated from Seikei University. While a university student, he became a member of the editorial team of the manga information magazine Puff and from 1988 to 1993 was its chief editor. In 1984, he participated in the foundation of COMITIA, an organization for the exhibition and sale of self-published manga. Since 1985, he has been therepresentative of the COMITIA executive committee. According to COMITIA’s regulations, participation is only allowed for original works (derivative work is not permitted). COMITIA is known as an organization which has nurtured many artists until they began their professional careers.
The COMITIA convention, held four times a year at Tokyo Big Sight, was initially a small-scale event at which about 100 circles* were taking part. In the course of the 100 events which have been held to date, it has grown into an event with 3,600 circles participating and 30,000 visitors attending. For the circle guide COMITIA INFORMATION MAGAZINE, NAKAMURA displayed the unique identity of COMITIA by highlighting both articles about self-published manga and interviews with authors and editors. In 2003, he launched an “on-site manga editorial team” with carry-on receptions of publishers in the COMITIA venue and with this opened the door to professional debut of many amateur manga artists. In collaboration with festivals abroad, he invited manga artists from overseas and held public talks with top Japanese manga artists such as OTOMO Katsuhiro and URASAWA Naoki. In 2014, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of COMITIA’s founding, the COMITIA 30th Chronicle will be released.

Award Reason

Let me cite a number of people, who have won awards at past Japan Media Arts Festivals: TAKETOMI Kenji, KONO Fumiyo, IWAOKA Hisae, NISHIMURA Tsuchika, OZAWA Yuki and TANAKA Ai. They are all artists who have come not from the world of commercial magazines, but have left their nest after being raised by COMITIA, the sales organization for self-published mangas led by NAKAMURA Kimihiko. This alone is reason enough why NAKAMURA won the award. Remaining independent from COMIC MARKET, the prior sales organization for selfpublished mangas, for thirty years he has consistently adhered to the principle of ‘creation’. The impossibility of adequately measuring his achievements and contribution to the world of Japanese manga is why he was honored with this year’s Special Achievement Award. (MINAMOTO Taro)

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