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  • ©2013 Manabu Himeda All Rights Reserved.

New Face Award



Animated short film [Japan]

A work consisting of five songs from the second and third episodes of the YOKOSOBOKUDESU animation series in which surreal characters drawn in pop colors sing and dance to humorous music. It contains Barber’s Day, a song about going for a long-overdue haircut, Na Ni Nu Ne No no in which the Japanese syllable “Nu” of the same syllabic line begins to dance, Funny Faces for Our Pocket in which “Potenshi” (abbreviation of the Japanese “Pocketto Tenshi” or pocket angel) a fictitious angel living in a pocket sings “I don’t know, I don’t know”, Won’t you dance in the Tacostume? about the number of feet found on squids, octopuses and people, and the song Car Tag about a family riding in a car driven at blistering speed.

11 min. 59 sec.

Techniques: Drawings made with acrylic paint, colored pencils etc. manipulated and combined with live video footage.

©2013 Manabu Himeda All Rights Reserved.




Born in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1988. Graduating from Tama Art University, Department of Graphic Design. He began writing songs, lyrics, and performing out of a sudden admiration for the male singers on a kid’s TV show, and now creates an animation series that stuffs all those elements into it. He is also part of an active 4 person group that can sing, dance, and draw at a moderate level, called “Zunmachango.”

( 2015 )

Award Reason

Without thinking, you will utter “What!!!” This is a delightful work, interesting for its haphazard and inexhaustible inventiveness. While nonsensical, the images and songs are somehow agreeable. In addition to writing the words and music (oral composition?) by himself, HIMEDA also appears on screen to sing and dance. The movements and expressive dance of the characters are meticulously conceived. In watching this nonsensical world in which peculiar images and movements appear, you will even end up enjoying it and start to feel positive. It is a rare thing to find artists creating both image and sound (songs), and art and entertainment. A miniature Chaplin has taken the stage in the world of animation. (OHI Fumio)

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