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Airy Me


Animated short film [Japan]

A test subject is administered daily medication by a nurse in a ward where mysterious medical experiments take place. One day, when the nurse presses the switch of the test subject, it successfully transforms into a chimera. When the test subject continues to hold human desires to take on non-human forms, what spectacle will arise as a result? And what effect will this have on the subject’s relationship with the nurse? …Taking inspiration from the song of the same name by Artist Cuushe, this is an animated work consisting of 3,000 still images drawn over almost two years. In contrast to the scenery in the ward where time seems to have stopped, through the continually swaying camerawork and soft colors an original narrated world is depicted.

5 min. 38 sec.

Techniques: Images drawn with colored pencils and crayon, edited using After Effects.

©2013 Kuno Yoko All Rights Reserved.




Born in 1990. She has been working as a company employee since graduating from the Department of Graphic Design at Tama Art University. While a student, she created installations, sculptures, and animated works centering on themes of young girls, animals, delinquents and other motifs with an undefi nable graphic quality.

( 2013 )

Award Reason

The fluffy tonal qualities match the animation techniques to give a pleasant sensation. A vast number of scenic images interweave to create an extraordinary space in which a strange event involving an attack on a nurse is captured in warm sunlight. The strongest point is the fusion of tactile sensitivity and angles that drift in space. For example, the camera that opens a door and follows the nurse as she runs, falls, and looks back continues to pan up to the ceiling. Desires held by bedridden individuals to change places with flying creatures bring us to feel the nature of living beings. I felt that if the background scenery had been smoother, the sense of fear would have beeneven stronger. (MORIMOTO Koji)

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