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We Still Don’t Know The Name Of The Flower We Saw That Day.

NAGAI Tatsuyuki, OKADA Mari, TANAKA Masayoshi representative of chouheiwabusters

Animated feature film [Japan]

A feature-length animated work depicting previously omitted past events and episodes occurring a year after the story told in the well-received late-night television series of the same name. After a young girl who had passed away in an accident during youth appears before her former friends as an adult, five of her closest friends gather once more at their secret hideout to face the past.

(100 min.)



NAGAI Tatsuyuki


Winner of Art Encouragement Prize for New Artists in the Media Arts category, 2012.

( 2013 )



Born in 1976 in Saitama. Scriptwriter.

( 2015 )

TANAKA Masayoshi


Born in 1976 in Hiroshima. Character designer.

( 2015 )

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