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an object of metamorphose

FUKUSHIMA Satoshi / HAMAJI Junichi

Web-based work [Japan]

This website project by FUKUSHIMA Satoshi and HAMAJI Junichi is a collection of suites, composed alternately by the artists, one or two bars at a time, since 2009. Sensing the possibilities that lie beyond individual composition, they documented the traces of each other’s speculations, and then published everything online in summer 2013, including the scores. It will continue to be updated and made public.

©2013 FUKUSHIMA Satoshi / HAMAJI Junichi All Rights Reserved.




Born in 1977 in Niigata Prefecture. Composer and musician. Completed his Master's at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS). Since 2002 he has presented musical pieces formed out of a dialogical relationship between computer processing and performers. an object of metamorphose, a joint composition with HAMAJI Junichi, is currently still in progress. He is a member of the band Mimiz, and the Japanese Society for Electronic Music. He studied composition under MIWA Masahiro.

( 2014 )

HAMAJI Junichi


Born in 1968 in Wakayama Prefecture, he is a composer and saxophonist.

( 2013 )

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