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  • Photo: Leigh Ruby

Jury Selections

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Jack + Leigh RUBY

Media installation [USA]

CAR WASH INCIDENT is a 35mm motionpicture work based on a photo taken by the Rubys in 1975 to corroborate an insurance scam. The film has eight characters engaged in an intrigue. The actors repeat a circular narrative with slight variations. The installation is a 2-screen video projection with 8-channel surround sound.

(35 min.)

©Jack Ruby, Leigh Ruby, Simon Lee, Eve Sussman
Cast: C. Burke / K.J. Hatch / B. Kepple / A. Kizys / S. Lesnewski / M. Pels / A. Previti / J. White / J. Wood | Associate Producer: Catherine Mahoney | D.P. : Sergei Franklin | Choreography: Claudia de Serpa Soares | Costumes: Karen Young


Jack + Leigh RUBY


Siblings Jack and Leigh Ruby make films inspired by their early life as con artists.

( 2013 )

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