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TorqueL prototype 2013.03 @ E3

Nanmo (YANAGIHARA Takayuki)

Video game [Japan]

Rather than the ways of moving like jumps and dashes as used in conventional action games, this 2D action game sees players become a box that rolls and changes shape to reach a goal. With a game design unique among the vast number of existing 2D action games, TorqueL prototype 2013.03 @ E3 feels fresh to play thanks to its simple controls, and succeeds in achieving a wide range of levels (the spaces in the game, environments, and level of difficulty). The game is currently available online as a prototype via PLAYISM, Steam, and PC and PlayStation®4 versions are being developed.

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Nanmo (YANAGIHARA Takayuki)


Born in 1984 in Hokkaido. In 2012, following entries in Sense of Wonder Night two years in a row, he launched In 2013, he won the 1st Nico Nico Jisaku Game Fes Unity Star Creator Award and the Intel Level Up 2013 Best Physics prize.

( 2013 )

Award Reason

Players move a square box rendered by simple graphics, extending one side of the box while thinking about physical rotation and movement, in order to cross over the blocks in the level to reach the goal. It is immediately fun due to its great perspective and minimized rules. The balance between being able to manipulate the box sentiently and thinking in order to move forward is superb, and it encourages you to reconsider the origin of what makes a video game interesting. Constantly being revised and improved post-release, the stalwart efforts of the designer to enhance game performance are also praiseworthy. (IWATANI Toru)

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