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Second Surface

KASAHARA Shunichi / Valentin HEUN / Austin S. LEE / ISHII Hiroshi

Application software [Japan / Germany / South Korea]

This is a mobile phone application for writing graffiti in the air. Words, photographs and pictures drawn on the touchscreen can be placed into a space displayed in the mobile device’s viewfinder, and these can be shared with other app users. The goal is for people in the real world to create a virtual space in which they can express themselves freely.

©Massachusetts Institute of Technology




Born in 1984 in Kanagawa Prefecture, he is an engineer and researcher.

( 2013 )

Valentin HEUN


Born in Germany, he works as a designer in America.

( 2013 )

ISHII Hiroshi


Researcher. Directs future UI research at MIT Medialab.

( 2017 )

Austin S. LEE

South Korea

Born in Korea, he works as a designer in America.

( 2013 )

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