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Wandering Son



A boy who wants to be a girl, Shuichi Nitori, and a girl who wants to be a boy, Yoshino Takatsuki, get to know each other and share a secret of going outside dressed as the opposite sex. As they grow up, there is no end to their worries about physical change, ways of thinking and their relationships with others. This 10-year long series gently and sensitively shows the boy and girl drifting through adolescence.

©Takako Shimura 2013




Born in 1973, Kanagawa Prefecture. In 1997, she debuted with Boku ha onnanoko (I am a girl). Majors works, Aoi hana (Blue flower) and Hourou musuko (Wandering son) became TV animation series. Other works include Dounikanaru hibi (Days will turn out somehow) and Koiiji (Stubborn love).

( 2015 )

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