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ONO Kosei

Film Critic / Manga Critic / Foreign Comic Translator / Foreign Comic and Animation Researcher

Born in 1939 in Tokyo, ONO is a leading figure in the translation, publishing, and research of foreign comics in Japan, and is currently chairman of the Japan Society for Studies in Cartoons and Comics. After attending Tokyo Municipal Shinjuku Senior High School, he went on to major in humanities at the College of Liberal Arts of the International Christian University. After graduating, he joined NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). While working at NHK, he devoted his energies to the introduction of foreign comics to Japan by writing the serialized article SF komikkusu no sekai (The World of Sci-fi Comics) in SF magajin (Sci-fi Magazine). Since then, he has been active in the field of film critique and comics research.
His research on foreign comics is wide-ranging, from American and alternative comics, to graphic novels, European art comics and manga from Asian countries. His research also extends to animated works originating from comics. In addition, he has translated numerous foreign comics into Japanese,and regularly travels abroad to meet and exchange with comics artists from all over the world. Recognized for his many years of activity as a translator and publisher, he was awarded the 10th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize Special Award. Since 2013, he has been a honorary member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan.

Award Reason

Today in Japan, there are numerous comics from abroad, such as American comics, graphic novels, and bande dessinée works, translated and published in beautifulcolor editions. This state of affairs – a fortunate situation for manga fans - would not have been established without ONO Kosei's efforts to increase awareness of overseas comics. ONO's achievements are already widely known, but the vigor of his activities as an author, from Battoman ni naritai (Wanna Be BATMAN) [Shobunsha, 1974] which led to the birth of many American comic fans, to his most recent translation work Little Nemo 1905-1914 [ShoPro Books, 2014], were judged to be appropriate for the Special Achievement Award. (SUGAYA Mitsuru)

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