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Born in 1936. Lives in Fukui Prefecture. He began to create video art from 1968, and since 1971 has led the world as a pioneer of network art, a new art that brought about encounters between different cultures in the fusion of computers, sound and telecommunication. His activities span almost half a century. Representing Japan, he has shown work at the 13th São Paolo Biennale, documenta 6, VIDEO 84 (Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal), Video-Skulptur – retrospektiv und aktuell 1963-1989 (Dumont Kunsthalle, Cologne), and in the Art and Science International Exhibition, Beijing. Work he exhibited at the 1993 Venice Biennale, which transformed the sound of wind into a form of communication, gained high acclaim. Furthermore, he has held special annual exhibitions that offer diverse new perspectives, such as Video Art from Japan and Germany (1977), the Fukui International Video Biennale (1985-1999), and World Wide Network Art since 1990, among others.
Through his broad-ranging activities, he has greatly inspired younger generations and nurtured a large number of successors. In addition, he has held teaching positions at elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, junior colleges, and on undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral university courses. He is an educator in a class of his own, bringing a systematic creativity even to his educational approach that has turned out numerous talents in various fields. From 1988 he was a professor at Musashino Art University, and later became a professor and the director of the Film and Media Research Center, at Kyoto Seika University in 2000.

Award Reason

YAMAMOTO Keigo is an avantgarde artist who was one of the first to practice in the field of video art and environmental art. The Fukui International Video Biennale, which he established in his birthplace Fukui, was pioneering and served a groundbreaking role in connecting art from Japan and overseas. Among the current generation of media artists and critics, there are many who learned from YAMAMOTO and were inspired by him to a great extent. While educating a large number of successors in new media art and building a bridge to the next generation through his broad activities in the educational field, he has also greatly contributed to regional culture activities. Even today, he is continuing to work on the development of an original network, pursuing possibilities for advanced media while basing himself in a regional city. (OKABE Aomi)

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