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  • ©2014 Slime Synthesizer

New Face Award

Slime Synthesizer

Dorita / Airgarage lab (KAWAUCHI Naofumi / SASAKI Yumi)

Sound device [Japan]

This work is a sound synthesizer in indefinite, liquid form, offering an utterly new kind of musical experience. The sound changes when you touch the slime or when it transforms, meaning you can produce sound waves almost like you are grasping sound clouds. You are connected to the synthesizer and then joined up with the slime at a separate contact point, producing sound when you touch the slime. This is an indefinite synthesizer the likes of which has not been seen before, in the same line as other pioneering instruments like the Warbo Formant Organ (1937), Raymond Scott's Clavivox (1952), or Robert Moog's Moog Synthesizer (1964). And since the instrument specializes in producing and altering sound, it can also be used as a drum machine regardless of musical scale.

©2014 Slime Synthesizer




Her basic policy towards creation is to craft new experiences through the combination of the five different senses, such as “sight with taste” and “sound with sight.” She also creates low-tech works using high-tech processes, such as converting the digital into the analog.

( 2015 )

Airgarage lab


This unit by KAWAUCHI Naofumi and SASAKI Yumi creates devices and environments dealing with sound, light, and tactility. It experiments with new ways of perceiving in pure pulsations, chemical reactions, and physical phenomena, drawing on a wide range of sources for its ideas, from folk instruments and children's toys to contemporary synthesizers and sampling.

( 2014 )

Award Reason

A dissolving oscillator, a liquefying low frequency oscillator, a defrosting envelope... The parameters for this synthesizer are an indefinite liquid, slime, which when played achieves a fusion of body and technology through the viscous medium. If William S. Burroughs proposed a female android with The Soft Machine, this is a veritable liquid trautonium. Immerse yourself in protist ideas! (UKAWA Naohiro)

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