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New Face Award

Chi-chan wa chotto tarinai
(Chi-chan Isn't Quite Good Enough)

ABE Tomomi


Grades, money, lovers, friends… Junior high school girls Chi-chan and Natsu always feel that something is missing. They both lead an ordinary life, helped in class by their friend and top-grade student ASAHI, and their class representative. But one day, when Natsu and Chichan stop by a shop on their way home, a girl belonging to a conspicuous group in class calls out,“Want to try shoplifting?” An impulsive act suddenly causes their ordinary junior high school life to become unstable. Carrying a dim feeling of unease and dissatisfaction, there are days when we sense beauty in our small existence, while on others we want to sigh. This is a portrayal of “living”, depicted in the mixture of hope and despair of the main characters.

Elegance Eve special issue, Motto! (Akita Shoten)Start of Series: Issue no.2End of Series: Issue no.6



ABE Tomomi


She made her debut with Hakai Shokogun which won the 74th New Face Manga Award of Weekly Shonen Champion. Major works include Sora ga haiiro dakara. Her series, Shinitakunaru sho mo nai hibi ga shinitakunaru kurai sho mo nakute shinu hodo shinitakunai hibi, is currently in progress on the Champion Tap! online manga magazine.

( 2014 )

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