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Cartoon and Comic Historian

Born in 1939 in Tokyo, lives in Chiba Prefecture. Graduated from Rikkyo University College of Science Department of Mathematics. Immersed in manga since his early childhood thanks to a neighboring relative who owned a publisher specializing in manga books and magazines. Later, he began researching the history of Japanese manga from the Edo Era to the contemporary. His career spans from an editor, a researcher at the Kawasaki City Museum, an adjunct lecturer at the Bunkyo Gakuin Women’s College, and a professor at the Teikyo Heisei University. He has been awarded the TAKAHASHI Kunitaro Award (currently, the Nippo-Françaises Prix Culturel) for his research on Georges Ferdinand BIGOT and the Japan Cartoonists Association Special Award for his historical research on early-modern Japanese manga. A collector of Japanese manga, his collection amasses over 20,000 pieces. Presently, he is a research advisor at the Kyoto International Manga Museum and chairman for Société d’Histoire des Relations Nippo-Françaises. Major works include: Manga no rekishi (The history of manga) [1991] and Yonkoma manga (Four-frame manga) [2009] from Iwanami Shoten, Publishers; Nenpyo, Nihon manga-shi (Chronology: The history of Japanese manga) [2007], Edo giga jiten (Dictionary of Edo caricature), Bigot wo yomu (Reading BIGOT) [2014] from Rinsen Book Co.; Hokusai manga [2014] and Sazae-san no shoutai (True identity of Sazae-san) [1997] from Heibonsha Currently working on his hundredth book.

Award Reason

The reason Mr. SHIMIZU has been selected for the Special Achievement Award, needless to say, is for a myriad of writings and research on manga over a long time span. From the research on caricaturists represented by Georges Ferdinand BIGOT to manga-in-general including Sa zae-san and four- frame manga, his many writings that unravel the history of manga from Edo, Meiji, and Taisho Eras all have become essential literary references for researchers. In addition, his contribution to the collection and exhibitions at Kawasaki City Museum and Kyoto International Manga Museum has been invaluable, and thus, the jury has unanimously decided to confer this award onto Mr. SHIMIZU without objections. (SUGAYA Mitsuru)

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