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Jury Selections

Isle of Seals


Animated short film [Latvia]

The film is an absurd comedy about a photographer with an unstoppable desire to see the surrounding through his preconceptions. In the middle of a grey sea is a grey isle where hunters live. Seals and hunters live together in a precarious balance. One day, the photographer arrives to document this island's everyday life. It is about the failure of media to objectively record the reality.
(6 min. 00 sec.)

©2014 Atom Art
Director: Edmunds JANSONS (Atom Art)
Script: Edmunds JANSONS (Atom Art)
Animator: Martins DUMINS (Atom Art)
Music: Jekabs NIMANIS (Atom Art)
Sound Design: Girts BISS (Atom Art)
Producer: Sabine ANDERSONE (Atom Art)




Born in 1972, Latvia. He is an animation film director and book illustrator.

( 2016 )

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