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  • ©Renana Aldor 2015

Jury Selections

La Femme Qui Cherche

Renana ALDOR

Video work [Israel]

A stop-motion animation of handcrafted miniature props made of various materials such as paper, fabric, and thread. The film evolves as a mysterious journey revealing a hidden matriarchal figure, inspired by the artist’s late grandmother and her memories of Oran, her native city on the northwestern Mediterranean coast of Algeria. The viewer experiences the journey by passing along four miniature domestic spaces.
(7 min. 9 sec.)

©Renana Aldor 2015
Directed by: Renana Aldor
Screenplay: Renana Aldor
Animation: Renana Aldor
Editing: Renana Aldor
Sound Design: Ori Kadishay
Lighting & Photography: Tomer Zmora
Graphics: Yaara Bar
After Effects:Tal Korjak


Renana ALDOR


Born in 1988 in Jerusalem. BFA - Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, 2015.

( 2016 )

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