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  • ©2015 Nick Bontrager

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Interactive art [United States]

SIGNALS allows direct communication to the artist through interactive video by utilizing Max/MSP, SMS, and automated robotic mechanisms to activate motors and lights. By sending a text message to a provided number, participants trigger a signalling lamp, which transmits a Morse code signal to videos of the awaiting artist. This meditation on virtual telepresence transforms everyday text messages into a speculative communication link between artist and audience.

©2015 Nick Bontrager
Produced by: Nick BONTRAGER, Programming: Joshua PENROSE



United States

Born in 1985 in Humble, TX, worked on NASA grant project. Assistant Professor of New Media Art. Received his MFA from The Ohio State University for studies in Art & Technology and his BFA at the University of Houston in Photography & Digital Media.

( 2016 )

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