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  • ©2015 Memo Akten

Jury Selections

Simple Harmonic Motion #12 for 16 Percussionists


Media performance [Turkey]

A live performance by percussionists and light. Part of a series investigating complexityarising from repetitive simplicity – specifically the emergence of complex behavior through the interaction of simple multi-layered rhythms. The performance is a ritualistic ode to chaos and order, inspired by the collisions between man and machine; the harmonies, tensions and conflicts between science, technology, culture, tradition and religion.

©2015 Memo Akten
Commissioned by FutureEverything in partnership with the Royal Northern College of Music, with support from The Shed, MMU.
Producer: Mark Carlin
Assistant Producer: Sarah Unwin
Technical Assistant: Zach Snow
Costume: Mariel Osborn




Born in 1975 in Istanbul, Turkey. An independent artist based in London, UK. He is currently doing a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at Goldsmiths University of London.

( 2016 )

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