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  • ©2015 Tony Hill

Jury Selections



Video work [United Kingdom]

This work presents us with a new perspective of the world using a rotating camera mounted on a power screwdriver. Despite the high-speed movement of the camera, the images are never reduced to an abstract blur. Instead, they have a flickering, distorted appearance in which shapes and colors seem to meld into one. Though the footage and portraits are all live action, it somehow has the look of animation.
(3 min. 31 sec.)

©2015 Tony Hill
All production by Tony Hill.
Appearances by Chris Williams, Heidi Dorschler, Miles Williams, Jake Fytton, Richard Hainsworth, Daniel & Claudia.



United Kingdom

Born in 1946 in London. Artist, film-maker. Studied Architecture and Sculpture and makes experimental short films that are somewhere between sculpture and cinema.

( 2016 )

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