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  • ©NFB, France TV, AATOAA Photo: NFB, France TV, AATOAA

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Way to Go


Interactive art, Website [Canada]

Way to Go is an interactive walking simulator that explores the idea of perception using a web browser or head-mounted display. The player becomes a hand-drawn, human character with the ability to walk, jump, and observe as they move through in a forest. As the work is a metaphor for life, there is no fixed goal. Each player continues along the path at their own pace and looks at what they find there.

©NFB, France TV, AATOAA Photo: NFB, France TV, AATOAA
Production: Hugues SWEENEY (NFB), Coproduction: Boris RAZON, Voyelle ACKER, Cecile DEYON (France TV), Creators: Vincent MORISSET, Caroline ROBERT, Édouard LANCTÔT-BENOÎT, Philippe LAMBERT (AATOAA)




Born in 1976, Montreal. Director + founder of AATOAA (BLA BLA, INNI, Reflektor).

( 2015 )

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