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Jury Selections

Alagoas “Ghosts”


Music video [Spain]

This is a music video for the American band Alagoas. A colorful psychedelic alien arrives at an ancient settlement, and fascinates the settlers with his delightful movements and extravagant colors, until... This work juxtaposes a technically advanced rendering of an extremely colorful and psychedelic alien against the unique exoticism portrayed by the costumes of the ancient settlers.
(5 min. 16 sec.)

Directed by Dvein
Production: Marga Sardà Badia
Cinematography: Miquel Prohens
Art Direction: Anna Colomer
Costume Designer: Renée Jablonski
Edition: Maria Antón
Postproduction: Trizz Studio and Lanczos




Formed in Barcelona in 2007. Directing duo that works in the field of moving image, using live action and CGI.

( 2016 )

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