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  • ©2015 Masasuke Yasumoto

Jury Selections


YASUMOTO Masasuke / TERAOKA Takehiro

Gadget [Japan]

A set of software and cases that dynamically and three-dimensionally connect multiple mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. When an encased mobile device is connected to the display of another device, it receives information about the devices’ relative position in real time. All devices share the same 3D space, which is visible and tangible. This work presents us with a solution for recycling outdated mobile devices.

©2015 Masasuke Yasumoto




Born in 1980, Osaka Prefecture. Assistant Professor at Kanagawa Institute of Technology. Artist.

( 2016 )

TERAOKA Takehiro


Born in 1980, Hiroshima Prefecture. Assistant Professor at Tokyo University of Technology, School of Media Science.

( 2016 )

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