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Jury Selections

COULEUR DE PEAU MIEL (Approved For Adoption)

Jung / Translation: UNO Takanori

[Belgium / Japan]

This story explores ones skin color, family, and identity. Born in Seoul, Jung spends time in an orphanage until being adopted by a large family in Belgium when five years old. While receiving a strict yet loving upbringing by the adopted parents, Jung begins to have subtle yearnings for the birth mother he never met. This piece is the original work for the film that received the Animation Division’s Grand Prize in 17th Japan Media Arts Festival.

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Born in 1965 in Seoul. Currently working in Belgium. Comic artist and illustrator.

( 2015 )

UNO Takanori


Born in 1967 in Tokyo. Translator and Japan-France manga coordinator.

( 2016 )

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