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  • Photo by Nobuhiro Takata


Composer / Music Arranger / Synthesizer Programmer

Born in 1951 in Kanagawa Prefecture, MATSUTAKE Hideki became interested in the sound of synthesizers and programmed music when he heard Switched-On Bach (1968) at Expo '70 in Osaka. In 1971 he joined TOMITA Isao's management company Interpack and, as TOMITA's assistant, learned how to make music with the Moog synthesizer. He launched his own music production company, MAC, in 1975. From 1978 to 1982 he participated in the studio recordings and concert tours of the Yellow Magic Orchestra as a synthesizer programmer, and helped popularize the synthesizer sound worldwide through recordings with numerous other artists as well. In 1981 he formed his own unit, Logic System, with which he has released 15 albums to date both inside and outside Japan. He also co-founded the units Akihabara Electric Circus in 1988 and Beat Musik in 1993. He participated in the charity unit With You in support of recovery from the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995 and was a collaborating musician in the Guitar Man event following the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. He published the book Matsutake Hideki and the Synthesizer (DU Books) in 2015, and in 2017 released the CD box set Logic Chronicle commemorating his 45 years of musical activity.

Award Reason

The pioneering accomplishments of MATSUTAKE Hideki are not limited to his career as a world-class Moog synthesizer programmer, his work with his unit Logic System, or his many compositions. After studying music production as assistant to the late TOMITA Isao, he toured the world playing a massive synthesizer with the Yellow Magic Orchestra, performed on numerous albums by such artists as YANO Akiko, BOOWY, and MATSUTOYA Yumi, and produced the music for countless rock, pop, TV commercial, animation, and specialeffects program hits, earning acclaim as a human catalyst in the musical world. Also noteworthy are the many contributions he has made to charities and to nurturing successive generations of artists. (MORIYAMA Tomoe)

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