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Jury Selections

Moon of a Sleepless Night


Animated short film [Japan]

This stop-motion animation, made with wooden dolls on a set planted with real trees, relates the adventure of a young boy and a squirrel who head into the dark forest to free the moon, which has become stuck in a tall tree, causing time to stop. The tiny production staff, who handled everything from artwork to filming, took over a year to film it. This is the flat-screen version of a dome-projected work originally created for planetarium viewing.
[26 min. 3 sec.]

© TAIYOKIKAKU co., ltd. / EXPJ, Ltd.




Born in 1969 in Akita Prefecture. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. Commercial director and animator. Works for TECARAT (TAIYOKIKAKU co., ltd.).

( 2017 )

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