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  • photo by Tubie Tsai

Jury Selections

Second Life: Habitat

CHANG Ting-Tong / CHENG Hsien-Yu

Media installation [Taiwan]

This installation connects breeding chambers of 8,000 Asian tiger mosquitos with a computer to illustrate the cycles of life. When a mosquito is killed by a bug zapper, it reincarnates as a humanoid avatar in the computer. When the avatars die, blood for the next generation of mosquitos in the chambers is released. This work also alludes to changes caused by global warming: more mosquitos and therefore more cases of mosquito-borne diseases.

© Ting-Tong Chang and Hsien-Yu Cheng


CHANG Ting-Tong


Born in 1982 in Taipei. Visual artist.

( 2017 )

CHENG Hsien-Yu


Born in 1984 in Kaohsiung. Visual artist.

( 2017 )

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