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  • © SUDO Masumi 2016

Jury Selections

Tsukushikan no sora
(Horsetail-Citruses under the Sky)

SUDO Masumi


This collection of short manga fantasies with a new yet nostalgic flavor is the final volume in the Niwasaki (Garden) series, which has run to 120 installments in over 10 years. The setting is a lovingly, sometimes poignantly drawn miniature-garden-like world where mysterious phenomena appear—a pair of glasses that can see into the past, a talking dog in a household medicine shop, an old man who carries “the sea” with him on his travels.

© SUDO Masumi 2016


SUDO Masumi


Born in Tokyo. Author of such works as Yuzu, Aquarium, Osanpo daio (Walking King), Niwasaki annai (Garden Guide), and Nagai nagai sanpo (Long Long Walk). Mizutonbo no niwa (Garden of Bog Orchids) was a Jury Selection at the 15th Japan Media Arts Festival.

( 2017 )

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