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  • © Boris Labbé – 2016

Jury Selections



Video work [France]

Based on an hypothesis on how mountains might have been formed, the work is an evolv- ing cycle focusing on landscape. Generated with satellite imagery and 3D models from Google Earth as well as through animation on computer, the video shows, also with audio, a mountain chain undergoing multiple metamor- phoses. Gradually, entropy increases and the monolithic makes way for the microscopic.[7 min. 52 sec.]

© Boris Labbé – 2016




Boris LABBÉ is a graphic artist and video creator who was born in 1987 in Lannemezan, France. Currently he works between France and Spain (Ma- drid). After obtaining a visual image art license from the School of Fine Arts in Tarbes, LABBÉ enrolled in a school for animated films (EMCA) in An- goulême, His works, which incorporate both traditional methods and digital techniques, explore the themes of cycles and recycling.

( 2019 )

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