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Jury Selections

Invisible sounds - A journey of invisible sounds -

SUZUKI Ryota / SUZUKI Tomoko

Video work [Japan]

Eleven-year-old SUZUKI Ryota became inter- ested in electromagnetic waves and repeated experiments for the experience of it. His inter- est was expanded to high-frequency waves, which become more dif cult to hear as people age. This acoustic work includes the process- es he employed to create a sampling of high frequencies using an iPad and what he discov- ered and felt. This summary video work puts together behind-the-scenes lm of viewpoints and realizations.

© 2017 Reel0_0Reel Photo: 2017 Reel0_0Reel




A junior high school student in Chiba Prefecture. Together with his mother, Tomoko, he has been active in an art unit he formed when he was a nine year old. With a strong interest in sounds, he produces works that do not necessarily follow the rules of music. He has also worked on video production and in the making of pieces using Legos.

( 2018 )



Together with her son, Ryota, she is currently working on Adventure to search for what cannot be seen.

( 2018 )

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