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  • © Motoka Murakami / shogakukan

Jury Selections

Fuichin Zai jian!


Manga published in book form, in magazine [Japan]

UEDA Toshiko, an actual manga artist who pio- neered a path for women in manga, was born in 1917 and spent her childhood in the city of Harbin, in what was then Manchuria. Starting with her own memories, this work brings those days back to life, also relying on an enormous amount of materials and historical sources, as well as interviews of those who were actually there.

© Motoka Murakami / shogakukan




1970 First weekly cartoon Run and Burn (Moete Hashire!) debuts in Weekly Shonen Jump. 1972 Dragon of the Hot Wind (Neppuu no Tora) serialized in same magazine. 1977 Weekly Shonen Sunday publishes Red Pegasus (Akai Pegasus) a story of a deadly race. 1981 The Sword of Musashi (Musashi no Ken), a story of a young boy who wants to be a Kendo master, is serialized. 1991 to Present, Ron is serialized in the Big Comic Original Magazine. Other: Published Gakuto Retsuden, Escape the Wind! (Kaze wo Nuke!), Nagisa 1996 and other note worthy works. The Sword of Musashi (Musashi no Ken) won the 29th Shogakukan Manga Award. Gakuto Retsuden won the 6th Kodansha Manga award and Ron won the 41st Syougakukan Manga Award.

( 1998 )

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