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Exhibition of Award-winning Works


Saturday, June 1 - Sunday, June 16, 2019


Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Fuji Television Wangan Studio, Tokyo International Exchange Center, BMW GROUP Tokyo Bay, Symbol Promenade Park and other locations


Bureau of Port and Harbor, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Waterfront City Association


BMW GROUP Japan, Japan Student Services Organization, Tokyo International Exchange Center, Miraikan – The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Tokyo Port Terminal Corporation

Admission free

Awards Ceremony


Friday, May 31, 2019


Venue: Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation 

Entry Period:

Wednesday, August 1 – Friday, October 5, 2018

Cooperative Programs:

Sendai Short Film Festival
Dates: Saturday, September 15 - Monday, 17,2018



22st Japan Media Arts Festival Executive Committee

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Japan Media Arts Festival Executive Committee


MIYATA Ryohei [Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan]

Operating Committee:

FURUKAWA Taku [Animation Artist]TATEHATA Akira [President, Tama Art University]


Art Division

Head of the Jury: MORIYAMA Tomoe [Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo]AKIBA Fuminori [Aesthetician / Associate Professor, Nagoya University]ABE Kazunao [Curator, Art Producer] IKEGAMI Takashi [Curator, Art Producer] Georg TREMMEL [Artist / Researcher]

Entertainment Division

Head of the Jury: ENDO Masanobu [Game Creator and Professor, Tokyo Polytechnic University] KAWADA Tom [Inventor / AR3Bros. (Three Brothers of Augmented Reality)]NAKAGAWA Daichi [Critic, Editor]SAITO Seiichi [Creative Director and CEO, Rhizomatiks co.,ltd.]SATO Naoki [Art Director and Professor, Tama Art University]

Animation Division

Head of the Jury: YOKOTA Masao [MD and Ph.D., Professor, Nihon University]KIFUNE Tokumitsu [Animation Artist and Representative, IKIF+ and Professor, Tokyo Zokei University]MORINO Kazuma [Director and CG Artist]NISHIKUBO Mizuho [Director]UDA Kounosuke [Animation Director]

Manga Division

Head of the Jury: MINAMOTO Taro [Manga Artist and Manga Researcher]KAWAHARA Kazuko [Manga Essayist]NISHI Keiko [Manga Artist]OMOTE Tomoyuki [Researcher, Kitakyushu Manga Museum]SHIRAI Yumiko [Manga Artist]

Selection Members:

Art Division

FUJIKAWA Haruka [Curator, Chigasaki City Museum of Art] WATANABE Tomoya [Artist, Talent]IMURA Yasuko [Lecturer, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences]KANAZAWA Kodama [Independent Curator and Senior Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs, Towada Art Center]MIZUNO Masanori [Lecturer, Department of Creative Media Studies, Konan Women's University]TADOKORO Atsushi [Cre- ative Coder]

Manga Division

KURAMOCHI Kayoko [Researcher, Kyoto Seika University Interna- tional Manga Research Center]MATSUDA Naomasa [Manga Artist and Lecturer, Kyoto University of Art and Design] MIURA Kazushi [Lecturer, Shokei University]ODAGIRI Hiroshi [Freelance Writer]NISHIHARA Mari [Lecturer, Aichi Gakusen University] OGINO Hitoshi [Manga Artist and Research associate, Tokyo Polytechnic University]

Special Achievement Award

General Critiques


President, Tama Art University

This is the 22nd year that the Japan Media Arts Festival has been held. This exhibition, combining the Art division with the Enter- tainment, Animation and Manga divisions —three fields in which the strength of Ja- pan's voice and its driving force really shine —is unprecedented, and is attracting more attention every year from outside Japan. As one of the sponsors of this festival, I was both happy and surprised that we had en- tries from 102 countries and regions this year—the highest ever. I believe that our ap- preciation for both radical, experimental works and the more popular works that re- flect our times have inspired great interest among expressionists in all genres.In this sense, the selection of the pro- duction team of Chico Will Scold You! for the Grand Prize in the Entertainment Divi- sion was very interesting. In the past, major films like SHIN GODZILLA and Your Name. won awards, but in the case of Chico, this was really a best planning award, not a best product award. Chico’s catch phrase, “Don’t sleep through life!” really appeals to people because of its humor, which captures our times, and I think this will become a popular phrase. This synchronization of CG com- posites with the TV in your living room represents the maturation of the producer’s media literacy (and the maturation of the viewers’ literacy). This is exactly what this arts festival is all about.The Grand Prize-winner in the Art Divi-sion (FURUDATE Ken) is a large-scale installation that synchronizes the rough inte- rior of the Seikan Ferry Memorial Ship Hakkoda-Maru with flashing lights and me- chanical sounds. The dynamic strength of the sound and lights that create the space draw in the viewer. Grand Prizes were also awarded to entrants from outside Japan this year, with Boris LABBÉ from France winning in the Animation Division and Boichi from South Korea winning in the Manga Division. I believe this also demonstrates the global maturity of these two genres.


Animation Artist

One year, the director of a European film festi- val saw the exhibition of Award - winning Works for the Japan Media Arts Festival. When asked what he thought, he shrugged and said, “There’s too much science in the art!” I was taken aback. He had probably arrived in Tokyo, a city of technology, and then felt that technol- ogy had invaded art museums as well. Japan is the country that began publishing the maga- zine Kodomo no Kagaku (“Science for Children”) just after the Kanto Earthquake (1923). My generation grew up after World War II, when we had nothing, but I remember the excitement of putting together the rough card- board paper that came in the supplements of children’s magazines to make telescopes and magic lanterns. There was nothing strange about children becoming friends with robots in manga, and we even enjoyed post-human ani- mated films with no sense of fear. We found science fiction and science fascinating. Finding this Japan Media Arts Festival seems like a logical extension.The winning works for this year shows a surprising diversity. Media installations in the Art Division really impressed me, including works like watage, which responds to human movement without using electricity. I was really swept off my feet. The sheer diversity of manga surprised me, as it does every year. Is there a world that hasn’t yet been depicted in manga? I can never forget the words of NIMAMOTO Ta- ro, one of the jury members:“Manga are books that, once opened, be- come doors that lead everywhere.”