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  • © Ayano Takeda, TAKARAJIMASHA / Hibike Partners

Jury Selections

Liz and the Blue Bird


Animated feature film [Japan]

YOROIZUKA Mizore, a lonely introvert since junior high school, is approached by the more outgoing KASAKI Nozomi, who gradually be- comes a special person for Mizore. In the last year of high school, the girls rehearse together a duet for the brass band concert. The film de- picts their relationship as they superimpose themselves on to the characters of the fairy tale Liz and the Blue Bird, which is also the name of musical piece on which the band is working.[1 h. 29 min.]

© Ayano Takeda, TAKARAJIMASHA / Hibike Partners




Born in Kyoto. Anime producer and director with Kyoto Animation. Received an Animation Division New Face Award at the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival. Films include K-On! The Movie (2011) and Tamako Love Story (2014).

( 2017 )

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