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LINNÉ LENS Production Team (SUGIMOTO Kenichi, Representative)

Application [Japan]

Named after Carl von Linné, the fa- ther of modern taxonomy, this handy AI illustrated encyclopedia app puts approximately 10,000 animal names at the user’s fingertips with a single smartphone scan. Hold a smartphone up to a creature and its name pops right up; tap its picture for a detailed, illustrated commentary. With an aver- age successful-scan recognition rate of about 90 percent, LINNÉ LENS can handle both moving animals and creatures in mixed groups. The app supports 90% of the animals in Ja- pan’s aquariums and zoos, includes a phylogenetic tree to show crea- ture connections, and allows users to combine their own photographs with commentary to create a one- of-a-kind illustrated encyclopedia. And because the image recognition is performed locally in real time, the app is just as useful underwater or deep in the mountains where there is spotty cell coverage—or none at all. This fusion of AR (augmented reality) and AI is a promising new take on edutainment.


LINNÉ LENS Production Team (SUGIMOTO Kenichi, Representa- tive)


( 2019 )

Award Reason

This app performs so reliably that it can be enjoyed as pure entertain- ment, forgetting that its AI and image recognition are at the cutting-edge of technology. It is no exaggeration to say this is the world’s first AI il- lustrated encyclopedia—yet it still feels unassuming. Currently it can recognize 90% of the creatures in Japanese aquariums, a percentage that is bound to increase. Its track- ing is shockingly smooth in action at the aquarium—almost like you have downloaded an oceanographer’s eye, gaining expert experience and eyesight in two seconds. Perhaps one day we can download a chef’s tongue, a musician’s ear, and a sculp- tor’s fingertips. With this app, the cur- tain has lifted on the next generation of entertainment. The user experi- ence of completing an encyclopedia with each creature scanned was also well thought out. This vital app is sure to bridge education and entertain- ment. (KAWADA Tom)

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