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PARCO 2018 AW Campaign

“PARCO 2018 AW Campaign” Production Team(YAMADA Kento, Director)

Video work [Japan]

A department store campaign video that sees fashion as water that changes with time and pon- ders the question, “What is a person’s natural state?” by depicting people playing in unpredict- able flowing of water. The woman dancing in the sea symbolizes life that keeps changing. People are contradictory—we strive to be ourselves while always beautifying ourselves and having af- fectations—but by accepting this contradiction, a person can bring out their true self.[45 sec.]


“PARCO 2018 AW Campaign” Production Team (YAMADA Kento, Director)


YAMADA Kento|Born in Tokyo, 1992. Video artist and VJ.

( 2019 )

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